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​​Depression? It’s not always “Just in your mind”!

The entire nation was shaken when a 23year old young man committed suicide after he checked into the Taj hotel in Mumbai at 3am on Monday. The young man had documented his suicide as a guide to committing suicide and had several suicide notes where he apologized and thanked his family and friends. Read more

​​Creative living
Creative living is a joyful living or living from your soul and childlike spontaneity. Many a times in our busy lives we tend to ignore our own dreams and aspirations. We work more on the materialistic level rather than focusing on things that makes us feel alive.  Read more

Mindfulness is the art of present moment awareness…it is the 

state of being rather than doing.

​In this fast paced world we are missing out on all the important aspects of our life by not stopping to enjoy the moment but rushing into another without a pause.  Read more

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​'Mindfulness the Art of Being in the present moment completely and living a life with awareness intention and focus".

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​​“Your life is ultimately measured by your relationships” 

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