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Speech therapy is an allied health profession dealing with speech, language and communication of an individual.

Speech therapy session is conducted by a certified (RCI registered) SPEECH and LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST.

Speech therapy for kids and adults varies. For pediatric population, it is play based. The therapist engages the child in target oriented activities/games. E.g., To make the child aware of use of object (cup), the therapist takes a cup, pours milk or juice in it and drinks himself first, then the child is made to drink. The child then makes the parent or the caregiver drink from the cup. In this manner the child enjoys while learning the concept of “use of object cup”. The therapist always chooses the activities and games that serve the target goal and are also case sensitive (game as per child’s age, gender, emotional level and needs).  For adults,  the therapist chooses structured interactive programs tailor made with precision to help overcome the patients disorder.

Speech therapy provide for:

Oral motor delays
Language and speech delays in children
Autism spectrum disorder
Cognitive deficits, intellectual deficits,
Voice disorders in children, teachers, singers and other professional voice users.
Voice therapy for transgender
Fluency disorders (Stuttering, Cluttering) children and adults
Neurocommunication disorders (Apraxia of speech, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Alzheimers, Dementia)
Stroke patients
Dysphagia (Swallowing disorders)
Articulation/Phonological disorders
Cleft of Lip and/or Palate
Hearing impairment children
Cochlear implantee

Our therapist:

   Asra Parkar

                                                  Asra Parkar has a Masters Degree in Speech Language pathology and Audiology from the esteemed Ali Yavar                                                                        Jung National Institute for Speech and Hearing Disabilities. She is an RCI- certified professional and has vast                                                                           and varied experience in the area of speech language pathology.

                                                                    She has interned at various renowned institutions like TATA memorial hospital, Sion Hiospital, Jai Vakeel                                                                                      Foundation, Pragati Vidyalaya for the hearing impaired.

                                                                    At present:
                                                                    Speech Pathologist at Jai Vakeel Foundation,

Consultant Audiologist at Centre for Audiological Assessment, Chembur.

Research and publication:

Dissertation on “Analysis Of Select Acoustic Characteristics Of Vowels In Marathi Speaking Individuals Across Two Age Groups”, 2016.
Published paper - The impact of social media via mobile phones on frequency and nature of communication on individuals with hearing impairment using sign language in Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Year 2013 volume 1 issue 26 (October 2014).
Presented a Poster on “Tinnitus management-holistic approach” in ISHACON 2014.
Presented a Poster on “The impact of social media via mobile phones on frequency and nature of communication on individuals with hearing impairment using sign language” in ISHACON 2014.
Selected and Presented a Poster on “Issues faced by hearing impaired individuals in rural Maharashtra – a survey” in ISHACON 2013.