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For Your Convenience, We Accept Payments Online.

Please use this for Online /Telephone Counseling Only.
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Online And Phone Counselling

Sometimes you may not feel like coming to our location, so why not have a Online Live Video Counselling or

a Telephone Counselling from the comfort of your home.

We're online from 11 am to 8pm Mon - Sat .

Please  fill the form below or call between 11am -8pm (mon-sat) with all the information and the

requesting date/time.
We will  get back to you  asap with a confirmed appointment and details of the session.

All remote phone/online counselling will  have to be paid in advance once the appointment is confirmed. 

How it works

Once the appointment is confirmed and paid for your Counsellor/Therapist will provide you with the link and a secret code which only your Therapist/Counsellor knows.

Few minutes before your appointment go to that link and enter the code, you will be entering into a one on one private session.

At Blissful Mind Therapy Centre we respect your privacy. The technology we use is completely secure and private.

Important things to know before the session, these are just general things to keep in mind when preparing for an online therapy session.

Its good for both, you and the Therapist/ Counsellor

Do not rush, allow plenty of time to get setup by joining the session at least 5-10 minutes ahead of time, if possible. This will allow you to get settled and go through the connection steps in a relaxed state of mind

Sit in a quiet room (or wear headphones) so you can be at ease with your Therapist/Counsellor.

Allow for plenty of light in the room. This will allow your Therapist/Counsellor to see you clearly.

Try to keep your background simple as possible

We recommend you sit at a desk and do not place your laptop on your lap.

This will keep the camera stable.  Please see the pic.

Place your laptop on a hard surface at a comfortable viewing distance! Position yourself in the center

of the camera and look directly at the camera. Make an eye contact with your Therapist/Counsellor.  

Make sure your family members aren’t streaming video services (like YouTube/Video Games/ Online Movie) during your video session unless you know you have a extremely strong internet to support multiple streaming services at once.

Please use a Laptop/Desktop or a Tablet which can be placed on a steady surface, cellphone is not recommended unless you can hold it steady with a good viewing distance

Mute your cell phone if you are not using it for the session. Give your Therapist/Counsellor your undivided attention. A ringing cell phone is a distraction during your session.


Benefits of  Counselling from  your  home
 It's convenient and  from  the comfort of  you own place. No more rushing to get to a therapist's office.  

We offer appointments during the evenings and weekends, and most of our clients have an appointment within a day of requesting one. Save on travel expenses, childcare, and time. 

Individuals who are uncomfortable with traditional models of therapy, may find online counselling more suitable.

Online therapy is preferred for those who are uncomfortable with talking face to face with someone about their problems or who are suffering from social phobias, anxiety disorders.

Online counselling is  the best for  those who are uncomfortable with receiving therapy, online counselling allows access to such services in private without having to visit the counselling center. 
Counselling can be lot different when the client is in their own home. as he/she does not have to  worry about seen by; others in the waiting room, the administrative staff or any other person who just happens to be walking past at the time the client walks through the door.
Because of all this, online counselling clearly does offer the client a degree of anonymity that may reduce the stress and encourage  the person, otherwise would have hesitated. 

The absence of face to face contact can also promote clients to communicate more openly without concerns.

This may lead to a higher level of honesty and success.

Very Important

Online Therapy does not provide an emergency or crisis response service. 
If you are feeling suicidal  please seek help immediately:
Call the emergency services Or, walk to your local hospital emergency department

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