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Blissful Mind Therapy Centre

Our centre announces “Mindfulness” workshops with a theme for 2018.

What is Mindfulness?

The cultivation of mindfulness has roots in Buddhism, but most religions include some type of prayer or meditation technique that helps shift your thoughts away from your usual preoccupations toward an appreciation of the moment and a larger perspective on life.

We, at Blissful Mind Therapy, believe that mindfulness can be used at every moment. For instance, try this exercise. A simple activity as you walk, notice different things occurring. Notice the feet (or a specific foot), the muscles in the legs working, the feeling of the body moving through space, the breath, or anything else – in short, you are becoming mindful.

Our creative workshops – allow yourself to become more mindful

At Blissful Mind Therapy Centre, learn to become Mindful through workshops.

Choose from a melange of activities - Dance workshops; photography workshops; art workshops - colouring with meaning; gardening - making terranium gardens, writing workshops including journaling; theatre; acting; etiquette and grooming; creative clay workshops

Learn to relax, unwind and learn with these interesting workshops conducted by professionals. Use the knowledge to become ‘Mindful’ in day to day activities. 

Calendar of Events:

March: Photography / Etiquette and Grooming / Basic Mindfulness

April: Creative Writing; Journaling / Etiquette and Grooming / Basic Mindfulness

May: Dance Movement Therapy / Etiquette and Grooming

June: Pranayam for beginners; Simple Yoga Poses / Etiquette and Grooming

July: Etiquette and Grooming / Basic Mindfulness

August: Theatre / Acting workshop

September: Terranium Gardening

October: Art Therapy - Painting, sketching; colouring / Basic Mindfulness

November: Creative Work with Clay – make your own creative art / Basic Mindfulness

December: Basic Mindfulness

The duration of each workshop will be for two hours.